Thursday, July 2, 2020

A Totally MESSED UP Ride! July 1, 2020

A TOTALLY MESSED UP RIDE!!! We headed out to ride the elusive Homestead Trail, we pickup the Rock Island Trail at the Shooks Run and RIT junction up to Academy Blvd. then east on Mazeland to a back street that get's you to a little dirt pathway into a park and picks up the Homestead Trail BUT, we had to turn around as there was a ditch digging machine taking up the whole path laying fiber optic cable!! So we turned around and headed up Mazeland to find no entry way to the trail and ended up on Murry Blvd. 
We headed north on Murry and turned south on S. Carefree but when we go to the trail access spot, arrugh, they had it blocked off due to more !@#$% construction, cable laying!!!! We gave up and headed down S. Carefree pick up the side walk on Academy Blvd. to Austin Bluffs Parkway and headed south to pick up the back side of the Templeton Gap Trail and head for Porta Park for our brown bag lunch stop. Had lunch, then again took to the trail to get us to the PP Greenway and via backstreets to get to the storage area, tucked in the trikes, loaded the gear in the pull cart and walked our 1 mile back to the apartment. 16 miles 80F, WINDY but sunny, still enjoyed the ride even though it was a PIA!!!  

Here's a link to the short version of the video on our You Tube Page!
We started out to ride the elusive Homestead Trail north but every entryway was blocked by some different form of CONSTRUCTION! While trying to find a way ar...

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