Tuesday, June 30, 2020

A RIDE with a MISSION! June 27, 2020

We headed out for a another "ride around town" run but wanted to end up heading mostly south so of course we started by heading NORTH, LOL! We headed up the Pikes Peak Greenway to pick up the Cottonwood Creek Trail Junction, then headed up the the Vincent St. Path, which turns south and becomes Nevada Ave. This goes down a frontage road area and then a old asphalt trail on the northend of UCCS campus over to the University Shopping Center and again picking up the Greenway and head south over to Shooks Run Trail to have lunch at the Tasty Freeze Drive Inn, (established in 1955) a local 50's style drive in, alas no car hops but a great spread out for Covid-19 social distancing purposes patio area! The MISSION of this ride was two fold, 1. This was the last ride I needed to finish the "Vitural Terra Trike RIDERFEST Run", that has been held via STRAVA Terra Trike Club on the internet, you got points for each of 3 required rides by doing a photo shoot of your STRAVA Page showing the mileage and stats of your ride over a 3 month period. The chance to win a new TT or Greenspeed TRIKE!! The 2nd. was JUNE is Colorado Bike Month, we usually have a weeks worth of local area bicycling events going on but with Corona Virus outbreak the usual ending Bike To Work Day Breakfast Gathering Stations were cancelled and a program called, Bike to Biz COS #BiketoBizCOS was set up for us bike/trike riders to SUPPORT our local area (not national change) businesses! It covered the whole week and June 27 was at the end of the week so we did a local area eatery for lunch and sent in a photo to the site!

From the Tasty Freeze we headed south on Shooks Run Trail down to it's current end at Fountain Blvd. then headed up back streets over to pick up the Midland Trail and finally the Pine Street Trail back to the storage area and tuck away the trikes! 21 miles RT, HOT day, 90F+, partly cloudy no rain at all YEA. 
Sneaky husband got a photo of JoLynn enjoying the Grilled Hot Dog and Ice Tea, ;)

A SHADE break from the heat at Monument Valley Park, Colorado Springs, CO.

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