Sunday, March 1, 2020

Our last two rides have been again, "in between snow storms" and although the weather was suppose to be mostly sunny, it's been mostly CLOUDY but at least warmish and mellow winds so we got out again on Sat. the 29th. of February and rode the Cottonwood Creek Trail which is a ride we seem to do a lot and really enjoy it now they've finished the "under Academy Blvd. extension trail! We started at the skateboard park parking lot on the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail and for once we had some company! We got to meet Jim M. for the 1st. time and since he's fairly new to the area it was nice to experience this ride through new eyes! :)

We headed up to Cottonwood Recreational Park for our brown bag lunch but we decided to take Jim up to where the current concrete trail ends and it turns into a bit of rough single track dirt trail. The big surprise was that the concrete trail now continues north of that spot but we didn't have time to explore the new section today so we will save that for another ride! Headed back to the park and the only open in the winter "porta-potty", then found a picnic table to eat lunch. Headed back down the trail, which is a lot of nice "down hill" heading south! We pulled into the parking lot with 18 miles RT and a new friend! Jim folded up and packed his trike into his compact car, (gota love the folding trikes!), JoLynn and I headed back down the PPGW trail over to Polk St. then up the back street over to Wood Ave. and back to the storage unit, then we walked home. :)
LOL, well I managed to not get either JoLynn or Jim in the photo, some times it's hard to see the details when using a phone on a gray cloudy day! ;)

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