Monday, February 17, 2020

The weather finally let us RIDE!

Well it's been really cold and snowy lately, Feb. hasn't been kind to us as far as riding goes this year!! We did get out on Sunday, Feb. 16th. and got in a good 18 miles RT. This time of year it's just re-doing the same trails but it FEELS so good when it finally warms up into the low 50 F's. and we can ride without ICE, SNOW and COLD!! The only bad thing is it got warm enough to start a melt, so the plowed trails are covered with melting water which makes a mess of the trikes even with FENDERS! :(

We headed South on the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail then over to the Fontanero St. Trailhead and then over to a trail that has no name, it goes south along the sound wall of I-25 S. but it does make it so we don't have to ride in the semi-muddy dirt of parts of the Greenway Trail!! :) We took that over to pick up a bike lane over to Walnut St. and down to pick up the Midland Trail just past the main junction of the Greenway and the Midland Trail in America The Beautiful Park. Headed towards the little park that has the Manitou Springs, Swimming Pool and again ran into a lot of water on the trail. At 18th. Street intersection the way was blocked by a fairly deep puddle, lucky for us it didn't get up to Seat Level so we just slowly rode thru it!

We arrived at the park and ya gota LOVE Manitou Springs, not only do they keep the restrooms OPEN in the winter some are HEATED!! :) We made up our Brown Bag Lunch at the only picnic table with a dry spot around it!! Then we headed back the same way, the day was partly sunny and it did get chilly when the sun went totally under the clouds at times. We got back to the storage unit and cleaned up the trikes the best we could, cleaned and re-lubed the chains and tucked the trikes in! :) Alas, more SNOW coming in Tues. and Weds. with very LOW temps for highs, RATS! Spring is a long ways away here in So. Colorado.

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