Saturday, March 28, 2020

Finally it's going to happen!!!!!

We've been trying to get JoLynn a affordable E-assist system for 3 years, just never could save enough money with all the other things going on and JoLynn retiring from work on Dec. 31st. (2019) so we are now living on our meger Social Security Retirement income so the idea of E-assist for her was fading into the "it ain't gona happen"! Well thanks to Kelvin at Angletech he found us a barely affordable but way better than we thought we could get E-assist system from EBO, it's a 350W unit and should work well since JoLynn is only 120 lbs. so she doesn't need a 500-750-1000W system just to mainly help "boost" her when tackling the "HILLS" and uphill grades of the local trails in Colorado Springs!

Here is the stats on the system:
EBO Commuter 2.0 Electric Bike Kit

This basic electric bike kit provides a great product at an affordable price.  It averages 20 miles without pedaling at a maximum speed of 20 mph (dependent on the rider and the topography).  Range will increase significantly to 30-50 miles with pedal assist modes.  This kit can be upgrade with the EBO KT LCD3 and integrated controller mounting bracket system.


Battery - 36V 12.8AH Lithium-ion Dolphin Battery (LG Cell) with Mounting Bracket and Charger
Electric Motor – 36V 350W (614W Peak Power) Brushless Geared Motor Disc or Pad Brake Type (Front or Rear Freewheel Type)
Open Sizes - 100mm, 120mm or 135mm
Rim and Spokes Sizes - 26", 28", 29" or 700C
Battery Colors - Black
Electric Motor Colors - Black
Controller – 36V 17A
Clamp Diameters - 22.2mm
Display – LED 890 (EBO/JULET Quick Connectors)  
E-Brake – Two motor disruptor brake levels (EBO/JULET Quick Connectors) Disruptor Sensors are available upon request.
Wiring - EBO/JULETQuick Connect Anti-Water Lines (Wire Harnesses Lengths: 1525mm front motor to controller or 610mm rear motor to controller, 1017mm components to controller)  Other wire harness lengths are available upon request.  
Controller Storage -  Black Plastic Controller Box
Pedal Assist System - 1:1PAS, 8 Magnet Sensor (3 Levels of Assist Modes with LED 890) 

Optional Throttle – Thumb or Twist (EBO/JULET Quick Connectors)
So now we wait for the system to arrive and get it installed, hopefully it won't be delayed due to the continuing Corona Virus up scaling here in Colorado!! :( LOL, I think I'm looking forward to the install more than JoLynn as she feels a bit guilty as we can't afford the E-assist for me. I feel she needs it NOW where I feel I can live without it for 5 more years, hopefully by then it will be even Cheaper and more affordable! :)

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