Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Riding during the Corona Virus we are trying to RIDE when the ICKY weather will let us!!

Monday March 16th. We managed to get in a ride on a day that started brisk but turned out nice after 3 solid days of "gray, COLD and drizzly weather here in So. Colorado! We rode a 19 mile RT of a mix of trails and bike lanes with a "brown bag picnic" at Nancy Lewis Park, as all the fast food places, etc. have been CLOSED by order of the Governor of Colorado! It's getting really crazy here in the USA but so far they haven't told us to "Stay in place" here in So. CO. like they have in NY. and CA. I will go stir crazy if I'm forced to be stuck in this little tiny apt. for 14 days but IF we get this virus I will abide by the needs of the many over the needs of the few or the ONE, (Spock from Star Trek!). ;)

Sadly I can see this day coming but I really hope this virus finally starts to slow down or they come up with a vaccine ASAP!! We will ride as much as we can before it happens but the weather is total crap shoot again here on Tues. It was WET, COLD and gray all day. I still haven't gotten our "tax refund" from federal due to the bozo people that did our taxes not sending in a vital document so it got delayed! I got it to the IRS finally and we MIGHT get it in 2 weeks or it could be 8 weeks, arrugh. I've put a Terra Trike Traveler "folding trike" (used of course!), on Layaway and put down a good down payment but still owe $800 so I NEED this refund to get here so I can pay it off, sell my current TT Rover trike and then we can quit paying for a "storage unit" and bring the trikes into the apartment and save us $82.00 a month!!!

Sorry no photo but I was enjoying being OUTSIDE so much I didn't bother with taking any photo's and my limited internet (through my phone, threaded into my lap top), it's VERY SLOW so I can't upload my video's to my You Tube Channel sorry!  Hope you all get out to ride before we all "can't" anymore. 

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