Saturday, March 21, 2020

Finally, got the folding trike!

With the little bit of State Income Tax refund and selling my  TT Rover much quicker than I expected to! So rode the Rover up to Angletech to have it shipped to it's new home in NY. a long way from Colorado Springs! It was a good trike it worked very well for being a supposed "bottom line" recumbent trike. It did it's job as a tandem thru my wife's heart attack recovery and it was a fun ride for me as a single trike, especially after the upgrade (Efneo drive and 10 speed cassette/derailleur), but after moving from my Mom's house (we moved in for 2.5 years) to help her out with house payment, expenses from a long hospital stay to a very small 2nd. floor apt. and the Rover just can't fit thru and the Rover seat is a RPIA to take off to tilt sideways to get it thru the doorway, the Traveler seat comes off MUCH easier so I don't have to fold it as much as it can be folded! I've only got to ride it 3 miles but it's a fine ride and a good price for a extra clean used trike so I'm stoked!!  Meet "Trav"! :)

 Now I've got the "accessories" and a rear rack to add, will be taking off the rear fender and having 3 Schwalbe Big Ben Plus tires for some "passive suspension". :)

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