Thursday, March 19, 2020

March madness!

March has been a very strange month with the corona virus shut downs and the weird weather patterns! Usually March is our Snowiest month of the year but this year we've had several days of gray, cold with more rain than snow. Yesterday the 18th. it was the one day break after the gray days we've been getting it was 65 F and sunny till the afternoon when the darkish clouds came in and the winds picked up but it gave us time to get in a 17 mile RT ride and stop at a park in Manitou Springs for our "social distancing brown bag lunch" since we are not sure they'd allow us to use the "drive in" windows at the local fast food places when riding the recumbent trikes?

We took a route the used both the Pikes Peak Greenway, Pine St. trail and the Midland/Creekside trail to the skate bowl park in Manitou Springs found a empty picnic table and had lunch, then headed back the same way, we were going to stay out a little longer and take the Shooks Run trail back but the winds and clouds were threating so we headed back to the storage unit to tuck the trikes in and do our short walk home, we did stop at a 7-11 and got a couple of bannans  which tasted great!
Picnic Spot at the skateboard park in Manitou Springs

Creekside Trail thru the park and into Manitou Springs down town area.

Midland Trail by 26th. Street

Pine St. I-25 Trail 

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