Sunday, March 15, 2020

The great experiment!! New and different shoes for JoLynn's tirke!

Just a side note, we decided to try out a set of Schwalbe Big Ben Plus "Balloon Type" tire on JoLynn's trike.
This type of tire is "suppose" to create a "passive suspension" where by making the bumps, dips, divot's in the road surface less harsh to the over all ride of a trike! Well I've heard a lot of good things about them so decided it was "time" to try them as JoLynn's trike just had a set of "wider" rims spoked up her front wheels as the "stock ones" on a older Trident Stowaway II trike as thinner and taller than a lot of modern tires on the current market! These come in a 20x2.15 width a lot wider than her current 20x1.50 Marathon Plus tires. The run "less" air pressure but create a larger contact path with the road surface and more cushioning factor than the thinner/higher psi pressure type tires. Sadly we can't put on on the rear as the "rear triangle" towards the front isn't very wide so we will be installing a slightly less wide, Big Apple 20x2.0 tire with a "tire liner" (the Big Apple has a lot lower flat protection rating than the Big Ben Plus 20x2.15!! IF this works out good we will have a set of the Big Ben Pluses installed on my new to me TT Traveler folding trike I hope to be to get out of layaway by the end of April!! We had to remove the stock front fenders and will need the larger set of fenders made by Trident Trike, hope to be putting them on order SOON! FYI..:)

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