Sunday, March 22, 2020

Adding the needed accessories to make it YOUR trike!

It started out very cold in the 20 F's. this morning so we waited to late morning to head over to the storage unit to add the accessories to the "new to me" TT Travler so we took a hour of so to make the trike "mine". We headed out on a test run to make sure the computer was set up right and the other accessories are working like they are suppose to! We headed down Shooks Run Trail heading south then back streets thru down town Colorado Springs, CO. over to pick up the Pikes Peak Greenway along Fountain Creek, heading north up and through Monument Valley Park, then picked up the Cascade St. Bike Lane back to the storage area. 10 miles RT, it was fun to get in the first ride, now hoping for warmer weather and this damned Corona Virus to work out and let us be able to take on a long weekender type ride soon! :)
My not so good attempt at a photo of JoLynn in back while riding! ;)

Was hoping to get a photo of Pikes Peak as we headed down a back street to the Pike Peak Greenway, dang trees!! :(

Bridge over Fountain Creek heading out of America The Beautiful Park to pick up the Pike Peak Greenway.

The new Cascade St. Bike Lane, we LOVE it!!

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