Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The trikes tucked into our tiny one bedroom apartment front room, you can see the "Battery Box" and a bit of the rear hub E-motor, plugged in a charging, just waiting for the weather to clear out! :)

Well we got in a couple of short rides and JoLynn got to test her new E-assist and WOW, this is a low end system but it rocks!! I've always had to wait for her at the top of hills or long uphill grades but now she's waiting for "ME"!!! :O She mainly uses the LOW setting and it still let's her get up hills with ease. LOL, I had her dial it up to MED setting and I was having a heck of time keeping her in sight in my Higher end gear set up, (44 chain wheel) 6-7 rear cog and that was on flat land She tried HIGH setting but didn't like it, said it felt "too fast", LOL, thank goodness otherwise I wouldn't see her till she decided to stop of me!

It does add a bit of weight but it's not as bad as I thought it would be, heavy wise. Well since the TRUMP sent us a stimulus check we went ahead and ordered the same E-assist system for ME!! :) We are getting a "upgrade" on the color display as the one she got was VERY basic, mostly lights and a speedo the more advanced one has a lot more features, is easier to read and show's mileage, batter level and we will now have "5 levels of Assist" instead of her current "3 levels"! Sure was a LOT of money between the two E-assist systems, having to change to a "Freewheel" (due to using a Rear Hub E-motor), upgraded displays and more Flat-Protection 20x1.75 Schwalbe Marathon Plus rear tire, + labor of $200.00 on each, it's right at $3000 dollars, OUCH but we figure this would be the ONLY chance we could afford to get the E-assist on the trikes!!

I can tell she really likes the E-assist and I got feeling I will too, I can tell you with with E-assist set up, we are even thinking of trying "overnight or weekend TOURING" again on the open road! It's been a LOOOOONG time since we've done that, last one was 2011. Will give a better report as we get mine installed (ordered today, ship and installation, probably 2 weeks time frame from today).  The ride on the 11th. was 9.63 miles, cut short by dinner plans, the the ride on the 15th. we had errands to run in the AM. so we didn't get started till Noon, by 1PM, the thick clouds of a upcoming Cold and Snow front were coming in fast and brought the temps down quickly as the sun disappeared!! :( Still it was great to ride, even a little one. Hope you got in a recent ride, till next time! :) 

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