Saturday, May 8, 2021

5-6 and 5-7-21: RED Rider in training and a visit to the finally opened Starsmore Visitors Center in North Cheyenne Canyon Park

 We got out on Thursday and Friday this week (5-6/5-7) as Saturday we did a early Mom's Day breakfast for BJ's Mom and birthday celebration for BJ's brother Bob and Sunday is going to be WET and CHILLY! 

Close to a month ago, we got a burger, (very rare for us!), at Carl's Jr. and I put in a survey and got a FREE burger if you buy one. So on Thursday after my doctor's appt. we headed out for a short ride up the Rock Island Trail, then up it's extension trail running along Academy Blvd. up to a new Carl's Jr. and got our free burger as the survey ticket expires after 30 days. We then decided to try the only PAVED road thru Palmer Park! WOW, is this road STEEP and winding, I just managed to make it to the top and Jo did great as she only walked the steepest part! She found a nice flat rock and took a rest while I went up to the outlook to get a couple of photos:

I headed back to pick up Jo and we went flying down the hill out of the park and back over to Fillmore St., then took a back street to pick up the Templeton Gap Trail west to the Pikes Peak Greenway south back to the apt. 15 miles RT, Sunny, 70 F a bit breezy!


Then on Friday we did a bit of a "training" ride as Jo is a RED Rider for the American Diabetes Assoc. Tour de Cure, riding the Rocky Mountains ride on August 28th. Her goal is "60 miles" in one day. She self-embroidered, RED RIDER In Training on a jersey so I am her "support" so we will ride the event together! We headed over to the Cheyenne Blvd. Bike Lane and up the North Cheyenne Canyon Rd. up to the Starsmore Visitor Center at the Base of  North Cheyenne Canyon Park. It's a lot of uphill grind to the center, we found a bench and ate our brown bag lunch! The center was finally open for the season so we gave a small contribution and looked at a few of exhibits, took some photos and left to again, fly down the canyon road, then down town over to the Palmer Mesa Greenway and Pikes Peak Greenway back to the apt. LOL, 15 miles again, RT. Sunny 80 F, Windy with more clouds but 2 days of "leg building" uphill grades so "training" was accomplished! :) Here's a video of the Training Ride: 


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  1. Taking a bike for a walk up a steep grade is not a dishonorable thing to do. I have been a pedestrian myself on occasion, on more occasions as have gotten older. Also my broken shoulder has had a surprising affect on my leverage - on my climbing oomph.