Sunday, May 30, 2021

5-29-21-The Last of the "Midland May" Event Rides from the Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort to the Crit Cafe!

 Well Sat's. weather at least started out sunny and warmish so we loaded the bikes into the old pick up truck and headed over to the Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort for the starting of the last of the "Midland May" Event Rides for 2021. It's called Midland May as the events happen in May and all showcase rides, etc. on and around the "Midland Trail" here in Colorado Springs, CO. The ride starts at the Lodge which is just in Manitou Springs and headed out to lunch at  The Crit Cafe, this is a outdoor eatery that's a part of the Criterium Bike Shop that's on the Pikes Peak Greenway. It opens on the 29th. of May. to early Oct. 

We started out before the group, (Buffalo Lodge Tribe Riders, of which we are members BUT we don't group ride as we are just "TOO SLOW"!), yes, they caught and passed us on the PP Greenway. We showed up just as the crowd finished ordering food so it worked out well. We got our favorite, the MTB BLT Slider and a salad and enjoyed lunch with the tribe on the patio! We headed back a little before the group but the clouds had turned DARK and ugly so I had Jo head for home and I rode back to the Lodge to retrieve the truck. LOL, I got about halfway back and the skies opened up and the rain came pouring down! Stopped under a tree and put on my rain jacket, I carry rain pants but hate to use them unless it's cold! My new bike is now baptized by nature! ;)  Got to the Lodge, loaded up the truck and the group arrived as I was leaving. Most of the tribe hung around the lodge for drinks, etc. but since we don't do booze, I decided I wanted to get back and into dry clothes. 22 miles RT. It was nice to at least hang with the tribe for once! :) 

   The Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort

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