Friday, May 14, 2021

5-13-21-The Training continues, time to add a Highway Ride, US 85/87 to Fountain CO. for Lunch!

 All the long distance destinations we've looked at to use for Jo's "Virtual" Tour de Cure ride in September are along busy highways, as our only seriously LONG trail here is mostly dirt/gravel and our bikes are "road bikes" so we are stuck with a hwy. out of the city of Colorado Springs, no matter which way we head! We mostly ride area Urban and Rail Trails that have NO CARS so we needed a refresher on riding next to busy auto traffic! Headed out to have Lunch at the Western Omelet 2 Restaurant in Fountain, CO. Back roads to get to Highway 85/87 South and then into Fountain, CO. It was a very cloudy and cool morning, so much for the "weather guessers" Sunny and warm, LOL! Still it was fun to add a bit of "not normal" to our bicycle riding. Arrived at the Restaurant and split a excellent Club Sandwich with a side salad and iced tea! Then took a bit different route home over Hancock Expressway to down town then Cascade St. bike lane back to apartment! It was a bit unnerving with the cars wizing by at 60 mph. and a few real HILLS but a very enjoyable ride too. 34 miles RT with a breeze, clouds and sometimes a brief peak of sunshine, 55 F. Still it did help to get over the "interpadation"  of "Sharing the Road" with the car drivers! Here's a video of our ride, thanks and enjoy! :)


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