Monday, May 24, 2021

5-23-21-Scouting Ride #2 for Jo's ADA Tour de Cure Ride, Sept. 28th., Heading East, Highway 24 E from Co. Springs to Callahan, CO.

 It was a dark and stormy night, ok it was a gray and drizzly morning we awoke too! It took about 2 hours for the clouds to start parting and the ground to start drying so we finally decided to go ahead and do our scouting ride anyway! That and WINDY too so we packed up the bikes and headed out via the Rock Island Trail, then over to Constitution Ave. heading south to get to Highway 24 heading east. It was mostly cloudy but some sun was out and we worked our way up all the HILLS. When we got to Hwy. 24 (2 hrs. and 7 miles), There was a WALL of black, low clouds heading east so we BAILED on the idea of going to Falcon, CO. the first little town on Hwy. 24 E. for lunch and headed back into Colorado Springs via Hwy. 24 W. at least this way the sun was shining and only partly cloudy. Stopped for lunch then headed home via the highway, Wooten Rd. , Palmer Park Blvd. and picking up the Southern Homestead Trail heading north back to the Rock Island Trail, heading west back to the apt.

21. miles RT, The winds never let up and later we found out they had marble size HAIL and a Tornado touch down out east of Hwy, 24/Hwy. 94 so we made the RIGHT choice!

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