Monday, May 24, 2021

5-20-21-1st. Scouting Ride for Jo's ADA Tour de Cure Ride on Sept. 28th., Starting point time and mileage Ride #1. Heading north 70 miles to Castle Rock, CO.

 We've picked 3 different possible "Rides" for Jo's first ADA Tour de Cure-Rocky Mnts. "virtual" ride on Sept. 28th. The first ride is from Co. Springs to Castle Rock (appx. 70 miles) via Highway 83 N. and 86 W. The start point is at Hwy 83 and Interquest Parkway. We wanted to find out "how long" and how many miles it was from our Apt. to that point. So we headed out on the Pikes Peak Greenway up to Vincent St. bike lanes over Woodman Ave. heading north via back roads up to Academy Blvd. then up the bike path as far as Research Blvd. then a major street up to the turn off for Hwy. 83 N.  

We decided to stop and have a snack at Cafe Velo, a high end bike shop and cafe but found out it went out of business and replaced by Loyal Coffee Co. We had a unsweet Mango Iced Tea and a apple and sat on their patio with a great view of the mountains. Headed back the same way to apt. 7 miles to the start point but a lot of up hill grades! This will be a very long days ride for us, with a overnight stay in Castle Rock!! 

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