Friday, May 28, 2021

5-28-21-Getting in a RIDE, while the weather is good!!

Since the weather is looking "IFFY" for Sat. we decided to get in a short ride today (Fri), Sun and Mon here look like CRUD!! Rode over to Ted's Bicycle Shop and had "tire/tube sealer" installed and upgraded brake pads installed so the front brake would quit Squeaking when coming to a stop, (adj. toe in, etc. didn't work?) Left the shop then headed back north to pick up the Templeton Gap Trail heading south to the Pikes Peak Greenway, over to the Palmer/Mesa Greenway to America the Beautiful Park, back streets over to the Shooks Run Trail, headed north. Stopped at the Tasty Freeze Drive Inn for unsweet iced tea, then headed back to the apt. as the clouds were building quickly! 16 miles RT, mostly sunny till the last part of the ride. 

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