Tuesday, May 4, 2021

5-1-21-Midland May Ride-May is celebrating the Midland Trail here in Colorado Springs, CO.

After our more straining ride on the 30th. we decided to do a mellow local area trail ride and found out that "Bike Colorado Springs", the local city sponsored bicycle advocate here in town has declarer "MAY" as Midland May! It's celebrating the "Midland Trail" between Co. Springs and Manitou Springs, which is one of our favorite local trails and a actual "Rail Trail"! 

It use to be a smaller gauge railroad that went between Co. Springs and Cripple Creek/Victor, CO. to pick up raw gold bring it back down and process it in the huge smelting plant on the westside of town back in the middle-late 1800's to early 1900's! It's now a huge housing area known as Gold Hills Mesa. So we headed out from our apartment, rode over to the Shooks Run Trail, which is the only other, "Rail Trail" in Co. Springs, (the rest are Urban Trails), heading south into down town over to America The Beautiful Park, then picking up the Midland Trail heading west to Manitou Springs! 

BCS is having several "events" with rides during the month to promote using the Midland Trail for shopping, eating, etc. between the two "Springs", instead of driving your car!! We stopped at our usual brown bag lunch spot at Schryver Park in Manitou Springs and ate, (sorry, no funds to eat out, RATS!). 20 miles RT, 80 F and SUNNY, very enjoyable! :)


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