Tuesday, March 30, 2021

March 28, 2021-Heading out to the Homestead Trail, heading east off the Cottonwood Creek Trail junction

 Got another really nice day to ride so we headed out to see if they'd actually done any of the new concrete they said was done for the Homestead Trail. We rode the Pikes Peak Greenway over to the Cottonwood Creek Trail, stopped at the Cottonwoood Regional Park for our brown bag lunch. Got to the CCT and Homestead Trail junction which heads east, the last time we were on this it was rough and cracked old asphalt and just about beat us to death!!! Hoping they'd fixed this we took the trail for a few miles but alas, no joy, it's still the same old rough surface as last time, at least in this section of the trail! :( So it's possible that the "new concrete" is more toward the start of the Homestead Trail heading WEST that's across town, bummer! Oh well it was 60 F, sunny with a steady breeze so a good day to ride! The other bonus is that Jo got to get in her first, Real Ride on her new LIVE Alight 3 Hybrid and she's pretty happy with it over the Electra Townie 21d, that just never fit her quite right! :) 22 miles RT so that put us at 44 miles for the weekend, excellent!! :) Here is a Video of the ride!

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