Tuesday, March 9, 2021

March 9, 2021- The LAST nice day ride!!

 Monday was warmish but totally cloudy and windy so we walked instead of riding bikes but Tuesday was warmer with partly sunny skies so we figure it's the LAST nice day for a bike ride for probably the next 5 days as a Low Pressure Front is heading to NM. and it will bring cold and more winds a with the possible upslope winds we might get our first really DEEP snow, RATS!! 66 F, partly sunny and breezy but it was still a nice day, we headed into Manitou Springs, actually riding all the way into the downtown area itself for short walk thru! We found a little park with a empty picnic table for our brown bag lunch.

Headed over to 25th. street to re-pick up the Midland Trail over to a back street in Manitou Springs to head downtown as the trail is blocked off at Beeker's Lane due to intersection reconstruction! Did our little bit of walk thru the downtown a lot of traffic for a Tuesday afternoon but it was right a lunch time for a lot of folks! Got back on "Lover's Lane" (yes, that's the name of the street!!) and headed back the same way except we stopped at the Colorado Springs Bike Shop to use the rest rooms and check out a "top tube" bag for a bit for packing abilities on my bike! From there the Walnut St. bike lane over to the Palmer-Mesa Greenway to the Pikes Peak Greenway over the Popcycle Bridge back to the apartment for the day!! 19+ miles RT. From here the weather is going "down hill" and we will be "stuck" on the stationary cycle trainer, ARRUGH!!!! :( Here is a Relive Video Tracing our route:


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  1. I like you average speed on this ride. It's the pace that lets us smell the roses, so to speak. On my longer rides, I also like to pack a lunch.