Monday, March 22, 2021

March 20, 2021- BJ's first ride on the new Giant Escape 3 Comfort and picking up Jo's new LIV Alight 3!!

 I actually picked up my new Giant Escape 3 on March 17, 2021 from Old Town Bikes here in Co. Springs but it was late in the day so no ride, Thurs. was WINDY and Chilly and Fri. we had 1000 things to do! So finally on Saturday 20, 2021 I got to get in my first ride on the new hybrid machine. We did a roundabout route of the area as we were waiting to hear if Jo's new LIV Alight 3, that was being built up out of the box at Ted's Bicycles here in Co. Springs, would be able to get it finished today, Sat's. are very busy days at our local bike shops since Covid-19 came in and bike sales have gone thru the roof!! Ok, yes we bought at TWO different bike shops, well Old Town had the one I wanted but we'd have to wait as long as a YEAR to get the bike Jo wanted!! :( Ted's had the bike Jo wanted but NOT the bike I wanted so that's why, TWO different shops this time! :)

We had a beautiful day to ride, 60 F, sunny with a slight wind so we enjoyed being out, it's gona take bit of riding to get my 65 year old body use to riding a standard DF style bike since I've been on a RANS crank forward bike and recumbent trikes before that!! Still I like the quick feel of the bike and the fast rolling 700C tires!! We finished the ride and ended up at Ted's Bicycles to see if Jo's bike might be ready and it was almost so we had them add some changes and accessories and I rode back to apt. to get the truck to load up here Electra Townie so she could at least ride the new back back to the apt.! :) So we now both have our new machines and LOL, of course Sunday came in with GRAY, COLD and spitting rain turning to SNOW, arrugh Spring in Southern Colorado can be a PIA! 



  1. New bikes are a treat in these times.

  2. So happy for both of you! My husband just got a used mountain bike - he was lucky it had everything he wanted so he didn't didn't think about too long, just grabbed it.

  3. Congrats on the new bikes. I think that's great you were able to support 2 shops.