Monday, March 8, 2021

March 6 & 7, 2021-Two great days of rides, a rare sight in March in Southern Colorado!!

 We have been really lucky to get 4 days of riding weather so far in March here in Colorado Springs, CO. as March is considered our "2nd. Snowiest Month" of the year on a normal basis. Usually if it's not snowing, it's gray and COLD. We've had 4 days in the 60 F temps and got a weekend with two days in a row!! We got out and about on the bicycles both days, it sucks to be poor but it's GREAT to be retired when the good day come along in the winter months! Here's a couple of You Tube Videos of our rides, enjoy! 

IF and only if we get the stimulus checks they talk about we are looking into getting "different bikes"! Jo's Townie is just a bit to "tall" for her and so far, even though I've changed seats, set the nose height up and down several different places I keep getting a "ache in the middle of my back"? So I guess the "crank forward" bike don't work well for us after all, RATS!! :( We are looking at Giant bikes that are a neat "cross" between a fitness and a comfort bike, the problem is that they are NOT in stock so who knows when we can actually do the change over. For now we will pay for the bikes and then WAIT till they can be built up and delivered! Such is life of a bicycle rider in the years of Covid-19 virus! :( Looks like we can get in one more day on Tuesday this week, then the SNOW is coming back BIG TIME for Fri-Sun, BUMMER, oh well just got "RIDE" when the sun shines! :) 


  1. Take a look at Priority bikes. You may be pleasantly surprised.

  2. Yes, they are very nice machines, but sadly way out of our very meager retirement income range! :( Thanks for the tip anyway. :)