Saturday, April 3, 2021

4-3-2021-The day you wait for all WINTER, the first ride in shorts and short sleeves!!

 I had to take my old bike to the old shop to be packed and shipped to the new owner and the shop didn't open till 10 AM so we got a late start for our ride! Man, what a day, going to hit 75 F, sunny with a bit of breeze and LOTS of SUN!! LOL, we've been having a "NEED a HOT DOG" jones for a couple of weeks so we headed out on different urban trails finally heading west to end up in Manitou Springs, CO. We stopped at the 8th. St. 7-11 and got a BIG BITE Hot Dog and what luck they were on sale for 2 for $3.00, what a deal!! We chowed down the dogs and then continued west on the Midland Trail over to the Creek Walk trail in Manitou Springs, ending at Schriever Park and took a nature break and ate a apple for desert! :) We took a couple of photo's of the new machines, (Giant Escape 3 Comfort and LIV Alight 3) and then headed back, added a bit of distance to get over to the Shooks Run Trail, heading north and back to the Apt. about 3 PM. 19 miles RT! Just so nice to ride in shorts and jersey and not be chilled, wish it would stay but here in So. Colorado it can SNOW all the way to Memorial Day so we have to get in a RIDE anytime we can!!:)

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