Tuesday, March 2, 2021

March 2, 2021- A ride with a mission but the mission got changed!!

 Well we got a beautiful day for a late winter day's ride in today. We decided to head out and see if they'd ever got the "new concrete" on the Homestead Trail headed east. So we headed north on the Pikes Peak Greenway heading north up to the Cottonwood trail heading east of the Greenway it's had sections that were totally worn out asphalt and lot's of grass/weeds growing in the cracks, etc. We rode first up to the Cottonwood Regional Park and had our brown bag lunch. Re-joining the Cottonwood Trail over to the junction with the Homestead Trail. Started heading and all the sudden my front derailleur just quit working?? I worked on trying to adjust the derailleur but to know avail, I couldn't get the unit to pull off the BIG Chain wheel so I did a manual adjust so I could use the "middle chain wheel". We decided to turn around and head for Angletech and have Kirk take a look. We headed now west on the Cottonwood Creek Trail back to the Greenway and picked up the Sinton Trail up to the bike shop. We got there and Kirk found the front derailleur "spring" had snapped!! So he dug around and found a replacement and fix the front derailleur. :) It was after 2 PM. so we headed back to the apartment. 23 miles on a 60 F and sunny day, except for the breakdown it was great! 

 Here is a Relive Video tracing our route for the ride: 

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