Monday, March 15, 2021

March 15, 2021-From the DEEP FREEZ to a 3 day BLIZZARD, March is not being kind to us that like to RIDE!! :(

 Well so far it's been weird, March came in like a LAMB this year which is rare to begin with, then the DEEP FREEZE that gripped most of the country and a couple of sweet 60 F and sunny days, then WHAM, 3 days of BLIZZARDS here in Colorado, YIKES!! :O We live in Central Colorado Springs, in what is called the "Old North End", back in the Gold Mine days, this was called Millionaire Road! Yes, there's still late 1800 to early 1900 Mansion's owned and lived in just down the block from us on Wood Ave. Oh what about us, LOL, we live in a 1970's apartment building at the END of Wood Ave and Van Buren St., I guess we are what you call the GETTO element of the area, LOL! ;)

We moved here because it's 100 Ft. from the N/S entry to the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail System, the main N/S urban trail thru the City of Colorado Springs, CO. For bicycle riders and walkers it's a great place to be! :) What has this to do with bicycling you ask, well this "update" is about WHY we are again changing the style of bicycles we ride! We've owned LOTS of different bikes over the years, sometimes we switch types of bike just to try something "different", other times, it's due strictly to "Circumstances", this upcoming change is one of the latter!

Back in 2018 we wanted to try out "Recumbent Trikes", we were "sharing" a house with a garage, Jo my wife was employed full time making a semi-decent wage so we went and bought the trikes!

  We really ENJOYED having trikes, being 65 and no more worries of  "balance", etc. so we were going to be TRIKE riders for the foreseeable future! Oops, circumstances beyond our control forced us to move in Feb. 2020. Well Jo had a heart attack a year earlier in 2019 and decided to retire in Dec. 2019 so we now are living only on our meager Social Security Retirement Income, which is a LOT less than her full time job!!!! We could ONLY afford a apartment here in Co. Springs as the area was experiencing HUGE growth and affordable housing especially for SENIORS is almost impossible to find!!! We finally found this tiny one bedroom apt. that's barely affordable but could only get a "2nd. floor", alas "Beggars can't be Choosers" as the saying goes! :(  We tried for several months to haul the trikes up and down stairs and thru "too small" doorways, that got to be a RPIA for this old man!! SO we decided to "switch" to bicycles, "Much easier"!! 

   Well, I (BJ) thought we should try "Crank Forward" style bikes as Jo is VERY Short legged and a crank forward bike is "suppose" to let you put your FEET FLAT on the ground at at stop, (remember balance?) LOL, well Jo is still "to short legged" to put her feet flat down when on the seat and it's causing her to "over streach" which causes pain and even I am having "problems" with the "crank forward" style machine, (gives me a ACHE in the middle of my back). So we are now looking into different machines. We've decided on a new version of the Fitness Bike, this one combine's the "adjustability" of our prior "Comfort Bikes"

and our Fitness Bikes we rode in 2012:

 These new type of Hybrid machines are by Giant Bicycles: They have the adjustable "stem's" and suspension shock seat of the "comfort bicycles" but the sporty stance of the "fitness bikes"! They use a wider more comfort tire like the Comfort Bikes but have all the added fittings for fenders, racks, etc. of the comfort bikes so there you go, the next NEW machines for BJ and Jo Ondo! :) Sadly, we like everyone else these days have to put them on order and WAIT till they come in at our local Giant Dealership, (Old Town Bicycles) here in Co. Springs, oh well something to look forward to this SUMMER! :)

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