Wednesday, February 24, 2021

February 23, 2021- FINALLY a nice day for a RIDE after a week + of the DEEP FREEZE!!

It sure was nice to get a Teasing of Springs on Tue. the 23rd. we got in a nice 16 mile ride, mostly using bike lanes through out the city to ride up to the Starsmoor Center at the base of North Cheyenne Canyon and had to take off "layers" along the way!! Sunny, warm, just slight breeze, man, after the week long DEEP FREEZE this month it felt so good to get Out and About on the Bicycles again!

Here's our YouTube video of the ride, enjoy!!  

Alas, it's quickly gone, Weds. is partly sunny and very WINDY, only in the 30 F's and they predict SNOW by this evening clear thru Thurs. morning, 3-6 inches and cold for most of the next few days again, Spring in So. Colorado is still 30-40 days away, ARRUGH!! :(

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