Wednesday, February 10, 2021

February 9, 2021-A very CHILLY Ride!!

JoLynn wasn't up to a ride so I headed out on my own, it was sunny and COLD, 25 F at the start but was "supposed" to warm up to 42 F, which it NEVER did! Even with a skull cap on it I was having a very cold forehead and could feel the chill in the air. Headed west on the Sinton trail then south on the Foothills trail up to the "31st. Overlook to take some photos of the Fusion!

Headed back down the street to get back on the Foothills trail and head over to the 31st. street bike lane to the Westside of town and a Wendy's for a small bowl of hot chili!! :) 

From there headed to the Midland trail back into down town, picked up a side street or two heading to the Colorado Springs Bike Shop to take to Rocky, the head tech about a different set of shifters for the bike. The clouds came in on the way home up the Pine St. trail and the final mile on the Pikes Peak Greenway to our Apt. The high never even got to freezing, only 31 degrees but still an enjoyable ride! Sadly the weather says we are heading into Deep Freeze from artic air for the next several days so I'll be stuck on the cycle trainer! :( Here is a Relive video tracing the ride: 

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