Saturday, February 6, 2021

February 6, 2021-Updates, while it's COLD outside!


Well the last few days have been COLD and WINDY and today is the same sunny but low 30 F's and WINDY! So I thought I'd add some updates to the blog! We had a bit of upgrade done to both bikes, My RANS Fusion I bought used and it came with a pretty archaic "6 speed" 13x30 rear freewheel and a 30/40/52 triple chain wheel set (the middle and small rings were "elliptical" shaped not round!),  for a total of 18 gears. Now it's got a 13x34 rear 8 speed freewheel and switched to a "Mountain Bike" 22/32/44 triple crankset so the bike can CLIMB hills a lot better and there's much better spacing between gears and up to "24 speeds"! :)

Jo's Electra Townie 21d is now a "24d", also with the 13x34 8 speed rear freewheel. NOTE: she had a 13x34 7 speed MegaRange freewheel BUT it had a horrible "10 teeth step up from the 2nd. cog (24 th.) to the largest cog (34 th.) it was like from steady to "tricycle mode" so you could "spin out" easy!! Now she's got a better step up 30 th. to the large 34 th. cog!! We did also have to add a new 8 speed click shifter and also a 22/32/44 MTB triple crank set to gain make for easy climbing on the steep hills and grades around Colorado Springs, CO. :)

LOL, the photo is of our "GARAGE" which is in our "Front Room" of our 1 bedroom apartment. The bikes and trailers are on Plastic Rug Runners to keep the carpet from getting stained! Due to we've started having "expensive to fix" problems with our almost 30 year old Ford Range PU truck, I bought a used child carrier trailer and turned it into a "utility trailer" got to be able to get FOOD, etc. if the truck DIES!! :(  We also have the "Naked Cycle Trainer", ok I admit I'm "too LAZY" to have to take off and put back on all the "fancy and useless" PLASTIC coverings!! ;) Now if it needs a belt adjustment the cranks tighten, etc. I have "instant" access! :) It's looking like Sunday will be more Ride Friendly weather wise so we hope to get out and about on the bicycles! We both did our 30 min. workouts on the Cycle Trainer this morning, thank goodness for YOUTUBE video's of those riders that live in MUCH warmer climates this time of year! :) Well that's it for now hope your getting to ride a bit or feel better as we feel your pain, having to use the "Trainer" rather than RIDE! :( WINTER SUCKS, (well unless your RICH enough to have MONEY for a Fat Tire Bike and Garage to clean it up! ;)

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