Tuesday, February 2, 2021

February 2, 2021-Double TEST ride on a excellent day!

After finding a low priced used "bike child trailer", I took off all the "nylon" outers and removed the not needed metal pieces, I had the "platform" for my homemade utility trailer. After adding the "TUB" to be able to haul food and other big items, I got it all sorted and bolted down to the frame! With that, I did a seat change on my RANS Fusion. I ordered a Cloud 9 Comfort Crusier Saddle and got the new "Seat Plate" from RANS so I could fit this standard type seat onto the Fusion's seat post. Tuesday dawned bright and sunny with on of those rare days in Feb. that it was NICE, 60 F with hardly any winds! We headed back over to Manitou Springs and the "Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort", to drop off a special "bicycle" themed Stove Towel that my wife JoLynn makes (hand made from scratch) to Torri the owner as her youngest Son is heading with her up to Denver, CO. for sadly another "Brain Surgery" for Daniel. :( 

I hooked up the trailer to the Fusion and we set out, first riding the bike lane on Cascade St. into down town Co. Springs and over to America The Beautiful Park to pick up the Midland Trail over to the Creekside Trail thru Manitou. One really fine day out, had to stop to pull of "layers"!! Here's a photo of the "RIG" infront of the Lodge!

From there we headed over to the Swimming Pool Park, found a empty picnic table and had our Brown Bag Lunch. Watching and listening to Cheyenne Creek that flows thru the park. Decided to head to the Colorado Springs Bike Shop for some "Orange Sealant" (flat stopper) which we like the best to put into the "trailer tires". After shop headed home via the Palmer/Mesa Greenway/Pikes Peak Greenway. 17.50 miles, just LOVE these reprieves we get time to time from WINTER! :) Here's a RELIVE video tracing of our ride!



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