Sunday, January 31, 2021

January 30, 2021- A very windy ride, just to get "out and about" on the bicycles! :)

 The night before the weather was calling for 40+ mph. winds and even higher gust's for Saturday but the day dawned partly cloudy, chilly and with very little wind. LOL, well by time it warmed up into the lower 30 F's. temp wise and we were ready to ride after days of snow, cold and gray it got windy!! ;) We headed east on the Rock Island Trail to head to it's end at Powers Blvd. We got to our normal "take a break" point had a power bar then decided to change the route as the winds were getting frisky and we didn't want to be out east if it decided to really kick up. We headed west on the trail over to pick up back streets to take us south on the Shooks Run Trail over to the Pikes Peak Ave. bike lanes heading west to the Cascade St. bike lanes in Down Town Colorado Springs, CO. then headed north back to the apartment as the winds really set in about 2 PM. 15 miles RT. Even with the winds it felt to be back on the bikes! :) A RELIVE video tracing of our ride, enjoy! :)


  1. Hey BJ. I like the comment you left me on my 8 degree post. You may have misunderstood my intent. I didn't ride that day even though it was sunny and 25 degrees. The MUP still had ice in too many area for me to ride the one mile into town.

    Having worked outside climbing utility poles taught me how to enjoy the winter months. It doesn't take much to keep warm when the sun is shining and there is no wind. At 70, I'm much more inclined to stay home and watch Netflix when the weather doesn't cooperate. I haven't been on my bike for a few days.

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