Tuesday, January 5, 2021

January 4, 2021-First ride of the the year, was just an errand run but it felt good!

Finally, it's been COLD and snowy here in So. CO. for over a week, yes Jo and I are weather wimp's!! If it's not at least 40 F and SUNNY we use the "in-home cycle trainer" as we don't like the COLD and it's just not FUN to have to dress like the "Michelin Man" just to get in a ride! We got the snow to quit for a couple of days but the temps barely warm enough to melt the ICE on the roads. As of the 4th. it was clearing (except for several ice patches in different places on our entire route) and the sun was out with a high temp of 45 F or better so we got in a short errand run for our 1st. ride in 2021! 10 miles RT using bike lanes, back streets and urban trails. We walked the bikes over the icy patches, at 65 years old a FALL is not a good thing!! We did find a empty picnic table at the southern end of the Shooks Run Trail and ate our brown bag lunch. We thought about riding further but after battling the icy patches I think Jo was a bit worn out so we headed back to the apt. and tucked the bikes in for the night. Here's a short vid of the ride:

 Today is suppose to be WINDY and bit lower temps so we will "ride inside" and hope it doesn't SNOW on Weds. so we can try for a ride on Thursday as the up coming weekend looks like CRUD, more cold, maybe snow flurries and more WIND, bummer! :( Here's to 2021 may it be a banner year for all our riding! :)

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