Sunday, December 27, 2020

December 2020, Finishing up rides for the year, Dec. 20, 21, 25, 26

 Got a bit behind in the blog due to the Holidays but we are finishing up the year as of the 26th. of December as the weather is turning COLD and possibly snowy from now thru New Year's Day at least!! :( We got in short area rides on both the 20th. and the 21st. The 20th. was a chilly and WINDY ride for sure, the 21st. ride was much better weather and more enjoyable, then a cold spell but it broke on the 24th. so we were really happy to get in a Christmas Day Ride!! Here's a couple of video's of our ride. 

 Part One of the Christmas Day Ride: 

Part Two of the Christmas Day Ride: 

On the 26th. we headed out to see if we could see any "starting" of the new part of the Sand Creek Trail, as it's being built under the new Platte Ave. and Powers Blvd. bridge. Not much has been done for the trail, will probably have to wait till they finish the new "double bridge" set up and HOPE, they actually make it hook up with trail heading south. We rode a 21 mile RT route to the current end point of the Sand Creek Trail heading north, just past Fountain Blvd. but alas it still just comes to a end in a field. 

Maybe be next Spring/Summer we will see some real improvements!! Headed home, the bikes are tucked away in the apartment snug and warm! ;) We did well this year over all, I got very close to 1500 miles and Jo got very close to 1400 miles, last year I had 950 and she had 800 so it's a "improvement" over past years, we will consider that a WIN!! :) Hopefully 2021 can bring even more rides, miles of smiles as we call it!! Hope you got to ride a bit so Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year's to you all!! Take care, Ride Safe, have FUN!! BJ & Jo! :)

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