Thursday, January 7, 2021

January 7, 2021-A ride up to Angletech to have service done to my RANS Fusion

 It was a chilly and cloudy day but I was having MTB triple crankset installed on my RANS Fusion cf bicycle up at Angletech our Recumbent/RANS dealer here in Co. Springs, CO. The normal way is to take the Pikes Peak Greenway over to the Sinton Trail, then bike lanes to the shop. They have closed off the trail (due to some kind of damage) and made a "detour" but it was ICY and Slick and on a upslope!! There was just enough semi-dry space to keep the bike off the ice but even with MTB style shoes I was slipping all the way up! LOL, at 65 I don't need the extra work!!

😉 Using the back street detour I got over to the Centennial Blvd. Bike Lane and over to the shop. 32 F, Cloudy and breezy but only a 7 mile RT, LOL, it was even more fun waking the bike down the detour slope! 🙁 Here's a short video of the ride, the detour starts at 17 min. 46 sec. mark. 🙂

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