Saturday, January 9, 2021

January 8, 2021- Riders BEFORE the Storm!

 JoLynn and I decided to do a ride on Friday the 8th. as the Weather Guessers said we had a COLD front sailing in on Friday night and it would snow all day Saturday. It was at least sunny but the "breeze" was chilly!! Started out in the mid 30 F's with the temp suppose to hit 40 F by afternoon. We headed for the Templeton Gap Trail as it's been a while since we've done it. It's got a couple of very steep grades and I really like my newly added Truvativ FireX GPX Triple Crankset 22/32/44. I was able to get up the steepest incline only using the 3rd. rear cog and the 22 tooth chain wheel so I still have two steps lower gear I could have used, YEA!!

Headed up the trail to Union Blvd. which has a Sound Wall with a sidewalk along it we use to get over to a back street to pick up the Old Templeton Gap Road bike lane. Stopped at Nancy Lewis Park for a break, then headed towards down town Co. Springs on the bike lane till it ended. JoLynn wanted to stop and buy a Mega Millions and Powerball ticket, stopped at a 7-11, then headed over to Weber St. and found out they had installed a bike lane!! We took it to Pikes Peak Ave. bike lane thru down town itself over to the Colorado Ave. bike lane to pick up a side street in front of the US Olympic/Paralympic Museum over to the path into America the Beautiful Park, headed north on the short path past the over pass towards another bike lane over to the Palmer Mesa Greenway path over to the Pikes Peak Greenway then back to the apartment. 13 miles RT, yes the chill was in the air but the sunshine stayed till we got back in and the bikes tucked away!! 

Nancy Lewis Park

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