Monday, January 18, 2021

January 17, 2021- A Ride up the lower North Cheyenne Canyon Park to have lunch at the Sacred Grounds Cafe, Co. Springs, CO.

 We were getting tired of the "same old" loops rides so we headed off towards the North Cheyenne Canyon Park, we weren't going all the way to the Starsmoor Center or up to the top of the Canyon around Helen Hunt Falls as it's usually got ice on the roadway this time of year!!!  We picked up the Shooks Run Trail heading south to Fountain Blvd., then over to head south on the Tejon St. bike lane, which we've found out they've added more bike lane up to the new Traffic Circle (Roundabout for you Euro Types) and then west of the Cheyenne Blvd. bike lane and up into the lower parts of North Cheyenne Canyon. 

It was a sunny but CHILLY day, the breeze had a bit of a bite to it, high 30 F's but we really wanted to go for a ride as it's been very gray and cold over the last few days! It's not a long ride but the constant uphill grade starting slowly just past 8th. Street make you work a bit harder so it kept us warm. We stopped and had a fiber One Bar (only 1 gram of sugar) just to keep Jo's levels up and wormed our way up till we got to the cafe. They have JUST changed our Covid-19 Level back to Orange so they had limited to 25% indoor seating but we could have used the couple of tables on the front porch too! 

We split a french dip beef sandwich and mixed greens salad with iced tea, YUM. Heading back we were going to head north on the 8th. street bike lane but they've had some water pipe breakage and we were worried about ICE spots so we headed back down the canyon on to Tejon St. bike lane over to pick up the Pikes Peak Greenway heading to America the Beautiful City Park. Took the Walnut St. bike lane over to the Mesa Springs Greenway heading north to the current end of that Greenway, then headed back to the Pikes Peak Greenway north over the Popcycle Bridge and back to the Apt. 17 miles RT and a really enjoyable and slightly different ride a very good day! :)

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