Thursday, May 28, 2020

Loop Route with different trails

We decided to head out and ride the Sand Creek Trail, well as much as there is of the Sand Creek Trail at this time, it's on the east side of Colorado Springs and from our storage unit it's not easy to get to. We start by taking back streets to pick up the Rock Island Trail heading north up to the junction with the southern extension of the Homestead Trail and take that south till Galley Rd. Where again you have to pick up back streets and bike lanes over to Murry Blvd. Heading south on Murry and then east on Fountain Ave. Bike Lanes up to Crestone St. and thru Sagebrush Park to finally pick up the Sand Creek Trail heading south. The trail abruptly ends at Hancock Expressway but you have to go around a little shopping center and pick up one more bike lane to get there. Then west for 1/4 of a mile on the Expressway to pick up the new southern extension of the Sand Creek Trail which takes you over to pick up the Pikes Peak Greenway heading north. Rode the Greenway up to the Tejon St. Bike Lanes then heading east again to pick up the Shooks Run Trail heading north. Stopped at the Good Neighbors Meeting House for iced tea and a banana, then headed up the trail and back to the storage area to tuck in the trikes! 23 miles, sunny but with a lot of gray clouds at times, still felt quite warm. The Sand Creek Trail we don't ride often but it was a FUN ride and it let us do something a little different! :)


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