Sunday, May 17, 2020

The same old ride but just as enjoyable!!

It's been rainy and cloudy over the last two days but Sunday turned out to be a very nice SUNNY day, it was already 72F. by 9AM. so we loaded up the cart and pulled it to storage area and set up the trikes, took air pressures, hooked up the batteries and away we went. We decided to do a ride we really like but yes, we do it a lot! We had a bit of mission as we needed to stop at the Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort and pick up a type of bicycle chain lube, (Blue Barry Cycling Lube), I really like the way it foams while going on to keep track of how much you apply. It's also a self-cleaning formula while you are riding, etc. Well it's only available thru the Lodge so it's on the way into Manitou Springs which we can ride the Midland Trail off the Pikes Peak Greenway and we have a couple of parks we like to stop at for our brown bag lunch and a empty picnic table. :)
Us at the Buffalo Bicycle Lodge Resort! 

We arrived at the Lodge and meet it's fantastic owner, Torrie, she and her kids run a local bicycle group named after the Lodge and the Lodge is set up with bicycle backgrounds and artwork. If your in Colorado Springs and want a place that really treats bicyclist/Trikers well, this is the place! After a quick chat, we headed into Manitou Springs and decided to use the Skateboard Park picnic tables for lunch. We then headed back on the Creekside/Midland Trails into America the Beautiful Park and taking back streets to pick up the Shooks Run Trail north and rode to the Good Neighbors Meeting House for some excellent iced tea and banana break! Then continued north on Shooks Run to back streets over to Wood Ave. and then into the storage area to put the trikes away. 20 miles RT with fabulous weather, (I might have a slight sunburn!!) that's the end till next Weds. when we have to ride the trikes up to our local recumbent dealership/service dept. to have a updated Display for her E-assist system! :) 

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