Sunday, May 10, 2020

E-assist system test #2, The Garden of the Gods

On Saturday we decided to give the E-assist systems a bigger test buy using them to ride thru the Garden of the Gods Park, here in Colorado Springs, CO. as it has a really nice bike lane all the way thru the park itself with several STEEP inclines which without E-assist I was usually in my lowest gear setting (22x42) and just crawling up and over! Our basic 350W. systems continue to impress as did most of the inclines using 1 and only the steepest inclines did we go to level 2 and we kept a solid 6 mph and didn't have to work super hard at it! A lot of people get a E-assist system to be able to ride FAST enough to keep up with their ridding buddies on their diamond framed road race bikes or they just "Feel the Need, the Need for SPEED"!

We don't want to go FAST, we just wanted help on the hills and long uphill grades so we don't have to feel like we are being pushed to hard and can't enjoy the ride! We like to go slow enough so as to enjoy our surroundings when we ride as we ride for FUN, not really for fitness or exercise. The day started out cloudy and cool but it did finally become partly sunny and around 60F by Noon so it was good, we stopped at a couple of places in the GoG and took a couple of photos of the Garden Plaza/Parking area with the new observation deck and at Balanced Rock and Steamboat Rock where the road continues out of the park and into Manitou Springs, CO. We stopped at a park and found a empty picnic table for our brown bag lunch and then headed home the Creekside and Midland Trails to our storage unit to tuck the trikes back in. The dark/gray clouds came back over Pikes Peak and we did get sprinkled on a little but it didn't really rain so we got lucky!

 The newly Installed observation deck in the Garden Plaza Parking Area.
Steamboat Rock (left) and Balanced Rock (Right)

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