Sunday, May 24, 2020

We had to go ride the Pueblo Reservoir Trail 05/23/2020

Ok, I admit we were evil, I fess up as we are in a Safe at Home status for the COVID-19 Virus but it's been 2 months now and we are just BORED with riding on only our area trails!!!! Technically we are suppose to stay within "10 miles of home" to recreate and at least stay within our County borders, well shoot us we decided we wanted to go ride the Pueblo River/Reservoir Trail in Pueblo, CO. which is 40 miles south of Colorado Springs, CO. where we live! We needed to see the Arkansas River which the trail follows thru Pueblo, CO. The trail is from the campus of CSU-Pueblo to the Pueblo Reservoir and Marina it's 16 miles one way but we usually don't do the North to South part of the trail which mainly goes thru the "city" of Pueblo, we ride to the East end of the trail first, turn around and ride back to the West end of the trail which comes out to 20 miles. :)

We stopped at the Kayak Park area, which is a cool man-made breakwater/Rapids build up for Kayaks, so they play in the water and we got a stone picnic table and ate our brown bag special while watching them run the rapids!
Our table for two at the Kayak Park

The first of 5 different man-made rapids structures that kayakers go over along the Arkansas River the Trail follows!
From there we headed East on the trail, it's all concrete with several wooden bridge crossings along the trail. With many excellent spot's and views along the river we headed to the point where the trail turns North to go into the city of Pueblo, CO. but here we turn around and head back to the West end of the trail at the Pueblo Reservoir itself. One stop on the way back is at Runyon Lake, a large fishing hole that's just off the trail to use one of the only restrooms on the trail (it's in bad shape sadly but useable),
Runyon Lake Fishing area a Restroom Stop!
We got back to the Reservoir itself on the West end of trail, (note: it actually hooks up with the road into the Pueblo West area outside the city of Pueblo itself!) headed back East to where we had the truck parked, reloaded it and headed back to Colorado Springs, only stopping a McDonalds for a LARGE unsweetened iced tea! It was party sunny by the end of the ride and almost 90F, so we were a bit worn out by the heat, unloaded the trikes at the storage unit and headed home to fix a frozen dinner and veg! :)

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