Thursday, June 4, 2020

Weds. June 3rd., 2020 First "Group Ride" in the current COVID-19 Virus era!

Rodger send out an e-mail asking if anyone wanted to do a "Social Spacing" and Masked Group Ride and I RSVP'ed and we meet up at the new Indian Motorcycle Dealer that use to be Zio's Italian Restaurant. We had a group of 5 riders and decided to head up the Cottonwood Creek Trail to check out the new "extension" of the trail from Research Blvd. to Powers Blvd. We had 4 tadpole trikes and a delta trike and headed up the concrete path towards Cottonwood Creek Recreation Area and Park. It's a constant uphill grade heading east and with a couple of steeper grades in places so Corrie who is a handicapped rider and on the heavier Hase Delta trike, only did about half and decided to turn around as it was a bit much for 1st. real ride of the season so Rodger went with her and that left myself, Will and Larry to head up the trail. It was a sunny, hot day with just enough breeze to be pleasant!

We rode the trail all the way to the new extensions end point, (ie: end of the concrete, it keeps going but turns into a "single track" dirt trail). We headed back to the Rec. Area/Park to a restroom and snack break. The ride back west is FUN, it's now a constant down hill grade so you get to fly! The new extension really adds some miles to the overall trail length and has enough uphill grades to be a good challenge if you ride for "fitness", (LOL, not me I ride cause I just LOVE to ride). Got back to the Pikes Peak Greenway and headed to the storage unit, managed the 1 mile walk back to the apartment before it finally clouded up and we had a 1 hr. rain. It sure felt great to ride in a group again, it's been a long time! Yes, we kept our, Proper Social Distance Spacing", wore masks and still had a great Group Ride! :) 24 miles RT, Sunny and HOT 85F+. :)

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