Friday, May 1, 2020

April 28th. ride and updates

We got in a ride on Sunday April, 28th. we decided to try and brave riding a local trail, which since the virus have been so Over Crowded that we've stayed away from them but it was a beautiful day and we wanted to ride the Cottonwood Creek Trail to see the newest addition as it heads farther northeast! We headed out in shorts, YEA and were enjoying the ride up the Pikes Peak Greenway to get to the Cottonwood Creek Trail Head and it was pretty mellow till we started getting closer to the Vincent St. underpass then the volume on the trail just got MORE as we headed north towards the Cottonwood Creek Recreation Center/Park. :( Oh well we did our best to keep social distance and we ALWAYS wear masks when we are outside riding or walking!!

We decided not to go all the way to the end to check out the new trail extension as the trail was getting really packed! We stopped over at the empty baseball diamonds on a stone bench around a tree but sadly even there a lot of walkers and riders we going to and fro as they say! We ate our brown bag lunch since we can't use "drive up" food services on the trikes, which sucks!! We headed south and really enjoyed the sunshine and "downhill" incline of the trail, letting the trikes fly! We usually stop at Criterium Cycles for water and a restroom break but they are only letting in a few folks at a time (no more than 10 bodies in a business during the new Safer at Home virus status we are in now!) and they had a long line of folks waiting so we just kept going. Lucky for us we know where the "very few" porta-potties are stationed along the trails, LOL, when your 65 years old you NEED that kinda information!! ;) We've put our trikes back in a storage unit, it was to hard trying to get them up and down stairs of our 2nd. floor apt. especially now that they have E-assist systems attached which make them 10 lbs. heavier!!! Put the trikes away and headed for our 1 mile walk back to the apt. Fun day, even with the crowds but we will do our best to "Stay off Trails" from now on! :(

Our lunch stop, as far from the overcrowded park as we could find!!
It's Friday May 1st. and I should be getting ready to RIDE some miles as the Mileage Challenge on the Love to RIDE USA site starts today BUT my trike is in the shop getting (finally) the "new E-assist" system installed!!! :)  LOL, of course it's going to be BEAUTIFUL today 80F sunny to partly cloudy (more clouds by late afternoon), SIGH! :( Oh well, I've got some re-arranging to do at the storage unit and having one less trike to deal with moving makes it a bit easier. :) Sat. is suppose to be a bit on the stormy side but Sunday looks good so I should be able to ride and TEST out the E-assist system then! :) It's the same as JoLynn's set up, 350 W rear hub motor with both E-assist steps and throttle. Mine will be silver instead of black to match my silver rimmed front wheels. Hope you get to ride today, put in a extra few miles for ME! :)

We are hoping this damned virus finally dies off for the summer months soon (hopefully it won't return in the FALL!!!!), we want to go ride a out of state trail some where or now with the E-assist systems, we'd like to try some "touring by trikes" by riding from Co. Springs to Westcliffe, stay the night and come back, 2-3 days on the ROAD as it's been a VERY long time since we've done any touring, (last tour 2011). Right now they want us to stay in a "10 mile radius of your home", that SUCKS since you wait all the LONG winter months to get warm weather and really finally get out and about and away from having to ride the same old trails and roads over and over! I hope it's so as we like most of us I'm sure are really getting "cabin fever" syndrome!! :( 

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