Sunday, May 3, 2020

The first test of the new E-assist system!

Well finally got the rear hub E-assist system installed on my trike, after we got the system for JoLynn's trike with income tax refund money and we started saving for my E-assist but figure we thought it would take YEARS to get it, then we got the Stimulus money and decided that NOW was the time to buy my system with money we never expected!! We did our part supporting a State of Colorado Company and a local area company that specializes in recumbent trikes! :) So we feel good about where the funds are going!

We had it installed on Fri./Sat. but the weather was rainy, cloudy and WINDY so my first ride was Sunday and I got luck with good weather so we went out on a 20 mile ride and WOW, I'm quite impressed with the E-assist system, our's is a low level system, 350W. 32V battery with a rear wheel hub motor. With even going to a better level display unit it's a total, including "INSTALL LABOR" by a trained recumbent/E-motor tech, equal $1500.00! That's $1000 dollars cheaper than the Bosch or Shimano E-assist (bottom bracket) systems! We've found that 350W is more than plenty of power for a single trike, anything more is just wanting to be able to SPEED or keep up with their "Diamond Frame" Road Race Bike friends, JMHO, YMMV.

We have only used level 1 or 2 out of 5 and it's really great, you end up being able to ride "further" (more miles) with the same amount of physical output without E-assist!!! I think we might even be able to try multi-day TOURING, something we haven't even thought of since 2011!! Now if we could just get this damn COVID-19 virus to go away we hope to get out on the road! The photos is where where we stopped for lunch on the Rock Island Trail here in Colorado Springs, CO.   IF you've thought about a E-assist system, it's worth every penny!! :)
My Terra Trike Traveler with rear hub motor e-assist

JoLynn's Trident Stowaway II with rear hub E-assist system!

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