Monday, January 23, 2023

January 23, 2023-Snow, snow and more! @#$%^&*() SNOW!! Arugh!

 It never fails, when either of us get a "new to us trike" in the winter months, we get one ride and then it snows! This Jan. has been a RPITA as it stops for 2 days, the roads (not the trails), just start to clear and WHAM, we get more SNOW! :( This makes it really hard to get to the store for FOOD and supplies, etc.! As I look out our front window the flakes as falling hard and fast, we were just supposed to get a trace to 1 inch but it will be more if this keeps up! What we have to do is drag our hand carts through the snow over to a Safeway Food store that's only 1/2 mile away and buy just enough to get us through till the roads/trails clear enough to hook up the cargo trailer and head to the Walmart Neighborhood Market store, which has MUCH cheaper prices than Safeway!! 

Our Social Security Retirement Income is meager so we can't afford to do our main shopping at Safeway!! Walmart is 2.5 miles away with a few uphill grades and one BIG HILL, that's not safe going "up or down" if it's snowy and icy on the streets and trail!! Sure hope my wife, Jo finally get's her Powerball/Mega Millions Lotto WIN, then we'd winter in Tuson, AZ and summer here in Colorado! :) We'd buy a Toy Hauler type, RV, it's got a small "garage" area we'd store the E-assist trikes (LOL, hey we'd have MONEY so we'd get E-assist trikes!), in and travel the USA changing locations by the seasons! :) HEAVEN!! Oh well just have to Grin and Bear it for now, can't afford to ski, can't afford a car to go up to the real mountains and go tubing or sleigh riding, etc. so Winter SUCKS! ;) 

We do have a Recumbent style exercise bike but it's not anywhere near as enjoyable as riding the trikes! Infact, I call it the Klingon Torture Device! ;) It does let us keep the "muscle memory", gives a bit of exercise but we LONG to be outside, alas, it's just to COLD and sloppy! Trikes are much better on ICE than bikes but you still can have a ice caused accident even if you ride carefully! Living in an apartment we have no garage where we could let the trikes "drip dry" on a ground tarp and then at least wipe them down. So we are just STUCK when it's snowing and icy. Thank goodness, for YouTube triking video's of folks rides in CA., FL., AUS., etc. it's the only thing that get's us through this time of year!!

Here's a video, that makes my point, ENJOY: ICE trikes on ICE!!

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