Thursday, January 12, 2023

2023-January 8/9/10-Fox21 News interview and misc. rides

 We had a really good cold snap with low amounts of constant snow for a few days. On the 8th. we rode down to America the Beautiful Park to get "interviewed" by FOX21 News for a local area feature!! We met the crew who were friendly and professional, did the interview and they took some short video of us riding around the park. After that we headed north up to Panera Bread for lunch and hot tea as it had been a chilly morning!! Here is a video of the meet up with the News crew! 

On the 9th. we headed out on a mission to score an excellent Meatball Sub at Firehouse Subs eatery! We headed over to the Templeton Gap Trail till it's end and then picked up a really hairy bike lane up Austin Bluffs Parkway over to the restaurant. It was warm enough to eat outside, awesome meatball sub, unsweet iced tea and our crips, YUM! After that we headed south on the sidewalk along Academy Blvd. to pick up the Rock Island Trail heading west and back to the apartment complex as it was really starting to cool down as we headed into afternoon!!

On the 10th. again we had a mission, my trike, Abbey-Normal was in need of new front tires so we rode up the PPGW to pick up the Sinton Trail heading west and rode that all the way to 30th. Street and GoG Road. Trail along GoG Road was still full of ice and some deep snow patches, it wasn't easy and it was also SLOPPY so for the 3rd. time in 3 days, I will have to do complete wipe down's of both trikes, bummer!! We slogged up the trail, we got to check up on the status of the concrete work to finally finish the last 1/2 mile of the trail to actually connect it to the Foothills Trail that heads south towards the Garden of the Gods Park and the 31st. bike lane. It sure seems like it's taking forever to do that little bit of concrete but it's probably due to "weather delays"! We decided not to ride the sloppy trail and headed east on GoG Road back to Angletech, to pick up the tires I had them hold for me. Strapped the tires on my rear rack and we headed to Panera Bread again, (we have a Ultimate Sips Club membership, all the hot or cold drinks we want for a low monthly fee!!), to eat our lunch as the WIND was gusting heavy at times. we wanted eat inside but still see the trikes!! Brown bag special and unsweet iced tea. It was good to get out of the WIND for a spell! Then south on the PPGW back to the apartment by late afternoon. Got the tires installed so I am good to go as they say! :)  

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