Monday, January 2, 2023

January 1st., 2023-The Ondo's WILD RIDE!!

 Well, we decided to "Damn the Torpedo's", as they say and head out for a sloppy New Years Day ride anyway! ;) We headed over to Smash Burger on the Pikes Peak Greenway, we left early enough that the melting spots were still a bit frozen, so it wasn't too messy! We arrived at Smash Burger under gray and cloudy skies but ok temperatures wise and with little breeze. Had a Single burger and Sweet Potato fries, YUM! The skies got darker, and the breeze turned into a light wind at bit colder! We headed over detour trail to Criterium Bike Shop and as we went through a I-25 underpass, YUCK, 1 in. mud covered the trail, no way around it so we slogged through it! Had to take our shop rag and clean off the tires, bummer!! :( The we headed over to pick up the Cottonwood Creek Trail, BIG MISTAKE! heading under the bridge, there is a very steep uphill grade to Vincent St. path, at times, we both had the front wheels pointing straight but the rear wheel was totally SIDEWAYS, spinning like mad men to get up and over the ICE covering the trail!!

I had to get off and give Jo a PUSH to get her over the slickest portion of the ice, we finally made it to the top of the rise and most of the ice was melted!!

 We headed south on the "no name trail" that goes along Nevada Ave in that direction through a few smaller icy patches here and there but overall, much clearer path. Decided to head back to the center and go to Panera Bread for a hot tea and eat our trail snack!! We did run into a little more MUD but a lot less than the 1st. time. Headed home, brought down a wet cloth to wipe down the tires. Later in the evening we did a wipe down of the whole trikes, we don't have a area to wash off the crud as we live in an apartment complex. We keep the trikes on plastic mats in the lower half of the front room, so they are now as clean as possible! :) 14 miles total but even with the ice, it felt great to get in a New Year's Day RIDE!! 

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