Monday, January 16, 2023

January 14, 2023-Jo get's a new to her E-assist trike!!

 We managed to get a small loan through our credit union and found a 2009 ICE Trice T with a EBO rear wheel hub 350W e-assist system as always at Angletech, Jo walked and I rode her a mile to a bus stop for route #2 then I rode up the very steep South Centennial Extension and over to Angletech. When she arrived they were working on the set up for her so it took a couple of hours before it was ready for her to get the FIT set up and we were on our way to Panera Bread for a brown bag lunch and unsweet iced tea! After lunch we rode around a bit more but it was getting late so we headed home. Only about 13 miles but the ICE really fit's her nicely and now, LOL, she has to wait for ME at the top of the hills! ;) Here's some photos, PS: we did run into a problem, this trike has quick release front wheels and the screwer's stick out just too much for us to get the trike through the doors of our apartment, RATS. Oh well, we will just go rent a Storage Unit on Monday and finally get all the trikes and the trailer out of the apt. It means a 1 mile walk from the Unit to the Apt. but hey, the walk will just "warm" us up before we RIDE!! :)

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