Friday, January 13, 2023

January 13, 2023-Getting in a ride before the next storms coming Tuesday/Wednesday!!

 The temps were going to be in the low 50 F range so we headed out for a area ride before the next possible snow storms by Tue./Wed. next week. We wanted to ride the Cottonwood Creek Trail but didn't think the sheet of ice on the uphill to the Vincent St. bridge would have been melted quite yet! We headed east on the Rock Island Trail over to it's current end point at Powers Blvd. Decided we wanted a iced tea at Panera Bread so we did a little "Cyclecross" (dirt trail) riding over to Constitution Ave. to get to the First and Main Center. LOL, the F&M Center is a total disaster to ride through, it crosses 3 different major streets it's so big we took a wrong turn and had to back track to Tutt Blvd. bike lane, found our way into the Center and over to Panera Bread. Brown bag and unsweetened ice tea. Headed back the same way, here's a photo of us just starting to ride the "dirt track" back to the Rock Island Trail connection.

We made the concrete trail and headed west back home, decided to stop at the Good Neighbors Meeting House off the Shooks Run Trail for a HOT tea to eat with our homemade energy bars! Stopped off at Ent Federal Credit Union to see if we might be able to get a loan to buy Jo a upgraded trike with a rear hub motor E-assist system! Yes, it's a older TRICE brand, they now call them ICE (Inspired Creative Engineering) trikes. We can only afford USED recumbent trikes, but this one has direct steering and even Rear suspension and of course a basic E-assist system to help Jo on the steep grades and hills! We got the loan, so we will be picking it up on Saturday. We will sell Jo's current Terra Trike Rambler via local Craigs List! 20 miles RT, mostly sunny and 50 F+ so a very enjoyable day "Out and About on the Recumbents"! :)

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