Wednesday, February 8, 2023

February 2023, Time to catch up!

 Hello, it's been a while since I've updated the blog site! Lot's of COLD and snow here and there over the last few weeks. We have had a couple of warmer days so we've been getting a lot of maintenance and accessories added to the trikes. We now have fenders on both trikes, which is great for the sloppy melt from the snow! I got a new very padded seat cover, we added a computer to Jo's trike because if she turns off the e-assist she gets no miles, speed or time on the display! :( We got very lucky and Angletech searched their warehouse backstock and found a ICE Factory rear rack for Jo's Trice T!! They haven't made these for years so the change of finding one is rare! She now, can have her panniners and rack top bags. 

We managed to ride 3 days in a row between storms, had a very COLD morning ride up to the shop to get the fenders, etc. on. Jo's decided she doesn't want the "throttle" set up for the e-assist, just the PAS system where you HAVE to pedal to make the assist work. We've got an appointment on Friday to have it removed and we are having the right disc brake caliper and pads checked out as it "squawks" at times. It's a 2009 so it may need the caliper cleaned out or over hauled or the pads need to be replaced. After the 24th. we will be having them change out the Big Apple tire for a Marathon Plus for much better flat protection!! Getting the rear hub motor wheel off to change a flat is a Royal Pain in the A$$!! Today is our SS retirement payday so we have to go FOOD shopping and hopefully have enough time to go to lunch before the sun goes down!! We now keep the trikes is a Storage Unit, which is a mile from our apartment. Jo's front wheels are Quick Release and the levers make it just "too wide" to get through our apartment doors. On my Terra Trike Tour, the new front fenders have flanges that stick out so I doubt it will go through our apartment doors either! Oh well, it is nice to have more room in our front room so there's the good side! :)

Here are a video and some photos, enjoy! 

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