Tuesday, March 1, 2022

February 27, 2022- The first ride after the weeklong "Deep Freeze" here in So. Colorado!!

It's quite rare that we are not able to ride sometime during a week, even in the winter months here in Colorado Springs! Last week was sub-zero temp, wind, snow and it finally started thawing on Friday and become ridable by Sunday! It was still sloppy with snow melt on the trails and paths, but the streets were mostly clear. We rode thru town on the Weber St. bike lane, which has less traffic than the Cascade Ave. bike lane. Rode by the Olympic/Paralympic Museum and into America the Beautiful Park to pick up the Midland, over to the Creekside trail in Manitou Springs.

Yes, it's one of our favorite trails and an actual rail-trail and even with the large and sometimes really messy homeless population using it we still enjoy the emptier parts. We stopped at the Swimming Pool Park for our brown bag lunch, LOL, had to fight of a squirrel, you're not supposed to feed them, but some do, and they can be quite aggressive!! It was becoming a really nice day, just a hint of a chilly breeze but full sunshine and no clouds! :) We headed home the same way, didn't want to take the Palmer-Mesa Greenway home as we felt it might have a lot of standing melt water on it. Headed back into town and back up the Weber St. bike lane then over to the apt. 17 miles and wow it felt so good to get back "outside" after a week of riding the "Klingon Torture Device", that's what we call our recumbent exercise bike! ;) 

Here's a video of a part of the ride heading home! 


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