Wednesday, March 30, 2022

March 27 and 28, 2022 Getting in a few more rides before the cold and rain comes in!

 We had a good 5K walk at the Walk, Run, Roll for Daniel charity event on Sat the 26th. 

On the 27th. we headed out for a ride and decided to shot a new video of riding and "talking" about the Rock Island Trail in Colorado Springs, CO. LOL, I've got some feedback that I need to do some "talking" in my video's so they won't be "so boring"!! So I turned the mic back on and talked about the trail, let me know what you think! :)

Well, lesson's learned, I was just using the "internal mic" on the CamPark 4K Ultra video cam and as it's mounted on the front of the boom it's a bit too far away! I will use the "wired" mic that comes with the camera for the next video's and be looking for a affordable "wireless" mic for the future!! 

On Monday, we headed out for a short ride, LOL, in search for a "Hot Dog", sometimes you just want something "evil" and anything but another "PB and sugar free J sandwich"!! ;) We headed up the Sinton Trail over to a 7-11 off of Centennial Blvd. and Garden of the Gods Road but they had NO Big Bites cooking at 11:30 so we headed to Garden of the Gods Rd. and 30th. street to check out a Loaf n Jug store along the Sinton Trail and YEA, they had a couple of dogs nicely roasting on the spinner! 

Enjoyed the dog and drank a bit of water YUM! We then decided not to ride the Foothills Trail over to the Garden of the Gods Park as they are doing a major road construction project and they have the cement trail blocked off and want you to ride on a rocky, dirt detour over to the 31st. bike lane! :( We headed back down Sinton Trail "Weeeeee", all down hill and then picked up the Templeton Gap trail over to the sidewalk along Union Blvd. heading to the back streets to get to the Templeton Gap Rd. bike lane over to Nancy Lewis Park to have our afternoon snack of a Apple-Cinnamon Rice Cake.

We then re-picked up the bike lane over to the local Safeway store to get some tomatoes and other small items, then back home via Shooks Run trail and back streets over to our apartment. 13 miles total and nicely warm day with lots of Sun and little wind. Sometimes you don't need a lot of "miles" to get in plenty of "smiles"!   Currently I (BJ) am doing a "600 mile challenge" (Jan-Dec 2022), for People on Bikes. The prize is a small handle bar bag with a official 600 mile challenge patch! I'm doing well, up to over 500 miles since Jan. 1st. so I guess I should have tried for the 1200 challenge but didn't want to push my luck, LOL! ;) Hopefully I will have the 600 miles by the end of April! :) 

Pls. check out our You Tube channel, with the same name, "Out and About on the Recumbents" if you get a chance, hope your getting in some good riding, Spring is slowly trying to get here to South Colorado. LOL, we have a very bi-polar Spring here. Tue. and Wed. (today) it's raining and cold, Thursday will be nice but Friday will be back to raining and cold, the weekend looks pretty good! :)  

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